Friday, February 11, 2011

Skinny Cookies

I. Love. To. Eat.

I especially love to eat cookies, cake, and ice cream. Honestly, I love to eat pretty much anything sweet. I'm on a diet, so you can see why this is a real problem. I let the healthy eating and exercise slide for a hot minute, but I am back on the skinny girl train.

My post today is to share with you, fellow bloggers, a super find that is healthy and delicious. I can indulge in cookie goodness and not feel guilty about breaking my diet.

Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate....soooo good.
At only 120 calories...or 2 weight watchers points, I say these babies are keepers. Happy Weekend!


  1. YUM. going to have to investigate these... might have to compare them to some other cookies... and probably some cupcakes... purely research of course.

  2. yes, please. Happy VDay to you! You are loved!

  3. These are the best flippin' cookies ever. Perfect Wal-Mart find. Hey, let me know next time you want to go back and stare at all the food we can't eat. xox.