Thursday, May 13, 2010


The other day Hayley asked me to play a game...a game called Mash.

Memories of the long, lost classic came flooding back. I'm pretty sure that every girl plays this game with the same eagerness and excitement, anticipating the presage of their future.

You can even play online these days.  Of course my co-worker-friends and I had to play.

Here are my results....

I will live in a mansion.

I will drive a black minivan.

I will marry Alan from the Hangover. We will form a wolfpack with our 11 children.

I will be a professional acrobat.

I will live in Bora Bora.

If I am being honest, pretty much everything about my MASH life scares me, except for Bora Bora. That part, I can handle. :)

You can forcast your own life here.  Good luck!


  1. you will have the most awesome wolfpack ever. ...and me and leonardo are coming to visit you and alan in bora bora.

  2. Ditto! JT & I are so in for some Bora Bora action.