Friday, April 16, 2010

Things About Me

A couple of friends shared "about me" posts on their blogs. I thought I would join in.

I Am- a vegetarian.
I Have- a daughter that brings me joy.
I Wish- I could travel more.
I Want- to become a more involved animal & environmental activist.
I Fear- getting older.
I Hear- The Raconteurs singing on the radio.
I Search- for ways to live a more simple life.
I Wonder- who I will marry.
I Regret- that my parents don’t live closer.
I Love- sleeping-in, wine, and yoga.
I Always- kiss my daughter before she goes to sleep.
I Usually- read before I go to bed.
I Am Not- mellow enough. This is something I need to work towards.
I Sing- A LOT. Music is very important to me.
I Never- watch scary movies.
I Cry- when I laugh really hard.
I Am Not Always- as patient as I should be.
I Need- my morning coffee before I can function properly.

Play along and re-post.... I want to learn some things about you!

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