Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Three Things

There is a three-things post circling around blog land. I decided to join. Here goes.

Three names I go by:

Courtney, Court, and Mom. Some friends/co-workers also refer to me as C-Dizzle. I don't know why. They just do.

Three places I have been:

I have never traveled outside of the United States, although I am eager to. I have been to Canada once, but some say it doesn't count. Anyway, I have been to Niagara Falls, Disney World, and Ocracoke Island in Outer Banks, NC.

Three Favorite Drinks:

I love water. I drink it a lot.
We all know I love wine. Pinot Noir is my very favorite.
Starbucks triple venti soy late. Good.

Three jobs I have had:

I worked at Billy Bob's Pizza when I was a teenager (think Chucky Cheese). I was a "party hostess" and once had to dress up in a Barney suit. It was humiliating.

IDR, aka Internal Data Resources. It was the most horrible job I have ever had in my life The 40-year old owner left his wife for the 22-year old Human Resources manager. Classy.

Pollyanna's Flowers. This was a little flower shop in my hometown and the best job I have ever had. My family knew the owners, so I worked there for a summer. I worked creating flower arrangements or delivering bouquets. Literally, everyone was always happy to see me. So much fun.

Three TV shows I watch:

I don't watch much TV. As a matter of fact, these are really the only shows I do watch...Grey's Anatomy, American Idol, and Glee. (Side note - I am almost convinced that I could quit my day job and join Glee to sing only Lady Gaga songs. More on this later.)

Three places I would like to visit:

There are so many, but I will go with Napa Valley, the yoga farm (in Costa Rica..., and somewhere in Italy.

Three favorite retro TV shows:

Kate & Allie
Family Ties
The Facts of Life

Three Places I have lived:

Conyers, Georgia
Covington, Georgia
Roswell, Georgia
So not exciting.

Three things I am looking forward to:

Falling in love, continuously growing as a person ,and making memories with my daughter

Three people I am tagging:

Stacie, Julia, Shelly

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  1. I liked this a lot! I might have to "borrow" it next week. By the way, Barney suit? Awesome. I once was the Easter Bunny at a large department store. It's horrendous.