Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We celebrated Hayley's birthday a couple of weeks ago....it was super cute. She chose to have dessert here. Then we moved the after-party to our place for a sleepover.

Hayley and her cute friends posing for some fabulous photos....because they are soooo fabulous.

Getting ready to open some fun presents.

The birthday girl with the coolest mom and coolest aunt ever.

We got a little too excited about dessert and sort of forgot the candles/singing ...I know, I know. But we made up for it before eating a late-night snack. See....

My crazy girl about to eat chocolate cake from Aqua Blue on her birthday.

Hayley and some of her gifts from me...at least she got to enjoy her new bike for a couple of weeks before some jerk stole it. Now I get to buy another one....awesome.

Fun times! (Well, except for the bike incident...jerk.)


  1. who would steal a little girl's bike?! what a jerk! fell in love with your photo shoot over at julia's today!

  2. LOVE the candles and bagel bites... awesome.