Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hawaiian-Shirt-Man-With-Baby totally contacted me on Match. Wow...that is all I can really say.

I absolutely do not mean to be rude, but geez...somebody help this man out! If my father, brother, cousin, uncle, friend, or any other man that I know dressed like Hawaiian-Shirt-Man-With-Baby, I would give him a good smack back in to reality...even if it was 1982. Judging from his photo, I'm guessing it was.

This makes me wonder...in searching for a potential partner, wouldn't one choose a photo from the same decade?

His message reads..."What are some aspects of life that are really special to you?"  Really dude?

I sure hope I can refrain from contacting this one...he's on fire!


  1. i don't know how you can control yourself... the shirt. the socks. the baby. the hair. i think he's chosen to display all the special aspects of his life in this one photo!

  2. love hawaiian-shirt-man-with-baby-on-hip-but-has-cold-feet-and-needs-socks... he is awesome.