Thursday, August 26, 2010 Weirdness offers a couple of options that allow you to track who has viewed your profile. One particularly interesting option is the "My Favorites" feature. Here members can file profiles they find appealing away for safekeeping. Also, every subscriber has access to view who has chosen them as a "favorite."

Because I have found that most individuals simply communicate with those they are interested in, I find this feature a bit disturbing. See, I have a couple of  really strange birds that have picked me. These guys are total creepers and view my profile on a daily basis. These people do not appear to have any similar interests with me, they are much too old for my age limit, and they have not attempted to contact me...(which is a very good thing.) This makes me wonder exactly why they continuously view my profile.

For example, I have one specific visitor that frequents my page each day. I'm sure the guy is a nice person, although his photos scare me a tad. I just don't get it...maybe I don't want to know.


  1. that definitely is slightly disturbing...

  2. weird, weird, weird...could it be hawaiian shirt man with baby?!?!

  3. I agree with this... I block them. It's weird.