Friday, August 13, 2010

It's A Hard One

Today is a hard one. My friend is moving away and I'm sad. Her husband will be attending a seminary, which means they are relocating to Kentucky. It's not like she will be gone forever. She will actually be back for a week each month, but's not quite the same.

I met Julia when I started my job last year and we have become great friends. The girl is really, super awesome. She loves the Lord, she is thoughtful, smart, pretty, creative, and hysterical. She makes me laugh harder than anyone else the pee-in-your-pants or snort-through-your-nose kind of laugh. Oh, and she is the best girl in the world to share inside-jokes with....we have like 500.

Let me just tell you how sweet Julia is...she is moving and she got me a gift. Who even does that?

"Survive Without Julia Kit"

Kindred Spirits...

Although I am sad to see her move, I will be forever grateful for the friendship we have formed. I will be sending much love, best wishes, positive thoughts, and prayers to Julia and Lance.

I will be eagerly anticipating our monthly Chipotle lunch dates. I'll miss you, Baldface.


  1. seriously... are you trying to make me an absolute wreck today? baldfaces are just not attractive when they cry, so don't make me do it today... or i will have to punch you. thank you for being such an awesome friend. please call me and make me laugh.

    ps- i love it when you snort-through-your-nose.

  2. what a sweet friend that jules! we totally visited the Franciscan winery & it was amazing... I think Napa should be on our tour!