Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Morningside Farmers' Market

I am all about eating organic food and supporting local farmers. I headed downtown on Saturday morning to grab some goods at the Morningside Farmers' Market. I love this market...it is super cute and offers an array of items from over ten local farmers. Best of all, produce must be certified organically grown to be sold there.

Here is a little history on the Morningside Farmer's Market:

Our Story

The Morningside Farmers Market has its roots in a farmer cooperative that started with Cynthia Hizer's herb garden at the old Atlanta Waterworks in the late 1980's. In 1995 the Georgia Grown farmers were asked to bring extra produce for a market that would share with the public the same abundance they were offering the chefs. By the second week it was so successful the farmers wanted to start doing the selling themselves. Now, fifteen years later, some of the same farmers and partners are still with us, proud to be serving the community with fresh, organic produce.

I picked up some tomatoes, okra, basil, blueberries, carrots, lavish crackers and an olive loaf. Yummy!
Shopping at the market...


Lots of peppas!
There is nothing like some fresh, organic produce...it's so good! If you're ever in the area, check it out. You can find them here. Support local farmers. :)

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