Friday, September 24, 2010

Is This Kid For Real?

I think it is incredibly interesting to learn the opinions, observations, and overall impressions of children in regard to adults. The notions are often comical, sometimes alarming, hopefully comforting, and generally surprising.

My almost 10-year old daughter is somewhat infamous for prompting entertaining conversations. I experienced one of her amusing exchanges last night.

Picture this: We were driving down the road and passed a Goodwill store. The conversation goes a little something like this...

Hayley: Mom, what is a Goodwill store?

Me: It's a place where people can donate clothing, books, etc. Other people can shop there...the items don't cost very if someone doesn't have much money, they can get things they need there and it is cheaper than most other stores.

Hayley: (Insert stern face/bold tone here)...You mean poor people? Like us?

Me: Gasp. Hayley, we are not poor.

Hayley: (Insert sarcastic tone here)...Well, what are we?

Me? We are average. Not rich. Not poor. But, we have enough money for all the things we need.

Hayley: Oh.

As I was getting in to bed last night, I thought about our discussion...and even grew a bit concerned. Then I had a realization...maybe even solving the mystery why my kid thinks that we're poor. I find myself repeating something that was sometimes said to me as a child. When I would ask my mom for toys, candy, etc., she would occasionally say, "No, not today...I don't have any money." Oftentimes I say this to Hayley...when I am not willing to buy her the item she is requesting. And while I don't literally mean that I have zero dollars in my bank account, that is what she understands.

Lesson learned last night.... I must use my words more wisely in hopes that my child will no longer think we are poor.

Is this kid for real?

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