Thursday, September 9, 2010 Sexies

I feel a bit guilty about this post, so any comments stating what a nice person I am would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to issue a disclaimer stating that my intentions are not meant to to degrade any of the people highlighted today. It's just that I've concluded it best to share my laughter with my fellow bloggers. Since these poor fruitcakes will never know anyway, here goes. Goodness Gracious Alive! I literally laughed out loud when I came across these profiles.

Let's start with this guy. His profile headline is..."Looking For It All!" He has a Yorkie and Cosby sweater...I think he already has it all. 

Next, we have this guy. Profile Headline: "Country Boy Looking For Country Girl." Clearly.

Lastly, and can I get a drum roll, please? Dude's user name is "Sexymexy."  Yes, you heard me right. Who wouldn't want a piece of that, really?

 That's it for today. Please try to contain your jealousy. Sure, this is what I'm dealing with...I guess I'm just a lucky girl.


  1. All your dreams have come true in the forms of these three lovely bachelors! How will you ever decide?! Oh, and you are a very nice person...hilarious, too.

  2. oh my goodness I about fell out of my chair at work. Pure awesomespice.