Monday, September 27, 2010

New Ink

My yoga teacher inspired me the other day. She said, "Have a free spirit and be grounded." I think it is a divine concept...a principle I fully believe in and embrace in my life. I hope to always wander and discover, but I am so thankful for the wisdom and eagerness to stay grounded in my faith, my morals, and my heart.

In celebration of free spirits and grounded principles, one of my favorite people and I received some new ink this weekend. The birds flying outward represent going out into the world to explore and experience. The bird flying inward is a reminder to always return to my own heart....that is where my belief, my hope, and my love are.

Me and my of the greatest loves of my life...with our new ink.

I just love it.

Inspiration is the greatest. Namaste.


  1. Yeah, I like this, and darn you for putting the thought about getting a tattoo in my head again. :)