Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coffee Monster

There are some universal laws that we all must follow. Rules that everyone should understand and observe. If you drink the last cup of coffee, brew a fresh pot. It is not a hard concept to grasp. As a matter of fact, it is a common courtesy and all coffee drinkers should be happy to comply. I have a daily routine when I arrive at work. A good routine. A routine that I enjoy. My morning normally starts out catching up on emails with a delicious cup of coffee in hand. Sadly, yesterday this was not the case for me. My productive schedule was interrupted by a person who drank the last cup of coffee and left the pot high and dry. What the crap man? (Please note: If I am the first person in the office, I will make the first pot. There is no expectation that someone else should make it first, but this is what always happens). Anyway, I made another pot and moved on to checking my emails and relishing my morning treat. The real shocker happened when I went back for my second cup and...nothing. Not a single drop left. This is the day that I became the coffee monster. I am not completely sure what I am going to do about this dilemma. I'm thinking of monitoring the break-room and handing out caution slips to offenders....3 strikes and you're out kind of thing? Julia suggested posting a sign in the break-room explaining the universal law. I think I will. I will take the positve approach and have faith in my fellow colleagues to do the right thing. I will be watching.


Coffee Monster


  1. i am glad i'm the only one who drinks coffee around here! :) otherwise, i would be a coffee monster, too. it should just be regular courtesy to refill the pot.


  2. dear coffee monster,
    the breakroom sign looks good.
    appreciated co-worker