Thursday, January 7, 2010

Phone Call

I look forward to sharing with you some of my hopes/plans for the year and some excellent dating stories. But not today. Today I am having a hugely hard time not calling the New Years Day Break-up. As I sit at my computer and read the emails that we have exchanged for the hundredth time, I wonder why I feel the need to torture myself. His email is so sweet and he actually requested that I call him so that we can at least maintain our friendship. He won't call me because I asked him not to. I am desperately trying to remember that the call would only lead us even deeper in to an unhealthy relationship. I should just spare myself any more pain. Of course I have resorted to stalking him on Facebook, and I am dying to know if he also views my profile 15 times each day. I know that our values do not align, but oh how I like him. He made me laugh. He was so much fun. I could talk to him about pretty much anything. He is even a vegetarian like me. I am encouraging myself to look at the bigger picture and accept that we have some great things in common, but that does not mean the relationship is right. My, how hard it is. Today I want to call him, but I won't.

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