Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Idiocracy: the idea that people are getting dumber all the time. I sit and wonder if this theory applies to me. I was hoping to have a wonderful story about my date with the chiropractor, but I can hardly muster up the words to share. The date was fine. He was nice. That is about it. Dinner was good and bowling was fun, but I mainly felt empty. I felt that I wanted to be with someone else. Dustin. So, here we have  a super cute guy that is smart, ambitious, and thinks I am great, and I feel nothing. Why do I have to be the girl that needs fireworks? Why can't I just play it safe and be happy? I don't know, but i can't. I have never been able to do it. I need to feel magic. Dustin makes me feel magic. Am I crazy? Am I becoming dumber each day? Am I completely insane to end the relationship with the chiropractor or is it smart to follow my heart? I think it may be hard, but maybe I need to take the risk. What is life without a few risks anyway? As James Morrison says, "Love is hard. If it was easy, it wouldn't mean nothing." I sure like that boy that makes my heart skip a beat.

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  1. Just because the chiropractor doesn't do it for you doesn't mean there isn't a nice guy who IS the safe bet who can make your heart skip a beat. Don't run back to the drama just yet!